Palletization of bags - 15 blocks/minute - 900blocks/hour!
TES – Najnowocześniejsza fabryka maszyn rozdmuchowych w Polsce!
BLUELINE HITECH 8 gniazd rozdmuchowych. Wydajność 16 000 butelek na godzinę!
Automatic Palletizer for empty PET bottles - 12 bottle shapes, up to 5.000 bph
Automatic Palletizing Line for 6l bottles @ 2500 bph
Blow Moulding machine Blueline 2 HI TECH MultiFlex with optional Preferential Heating
Palletizing system, uniwersal one for many formats of PET bottles
Blow Moulding Machine Blueline 2 Standard for 1.5l standard, efficiency 3000 bph
Blow Moulding Machines Blueline 2BIG for 5,0l bottles, efficiency 2500 bph
Integrator and producer of prototypes and dedicated machines.
Paletizing Systems made in Gdansk
Blow molding Machine BlueLine 2 Standard for PET Shapes Bottles - Preferential Heating
TES AUTOMATION Packaging of PET Bottles into the Carton Boxes
Palletizing System for Aluminium and PET CANS
Palletizing system for Cans Preform Handling and Storage System, two-stage system.
Blow moulding machine BlueLine 8, efficiency 16000 bph.
Blow Moulding Machine for PET CANS, an innovative project made with INVENTO Company near Szczecin.
Blow Molding Machine ECOLINE, simpler machine economical solutiona, simple and easy maintance.
Blow Moulding Machine BlueLine 8 HiTech for small capacity of bottles, 10ml PET Bottles.
Blow Moulding Machine BlueLine 6 Standard 10 000 bph
Blow Moulding Machine BlueLine 4 HI TECH MultiFlex Preferential Heating.
TES AUTOMATION - Roller Closer Machine, dedicated solution in automation.
Blow Moulding Machines Old Series PET bottle production on plate conveyor
Palletizing System with Robot, full PET bottles
Complete beverages production plant - 10 000 BPH
TES - Manufactures of Blow Moulding Machines, Specialist in Automation.
Blow Molding Machine Blueline HOT FILL, for high temperature PET bottles production
Blow Molding Machine Blueline 4 High Tech, efficiency 7500 bph
Blow Moulding Machine Blueline 3B for big format of bottles 6,0l