Silver Line Series PET Canes

Silver Line machines are designed to produce PET cans with capacity ranging from 0.25 to 1 liter from semi-finished products as preform, automatically loaded by means of two-stage blow molding and stretching method. Silver Line machines are one of the kind in the world of manufacturing PET cans, not using the process of cutting to shape the neck designed for being rolled with aluminium lid.
Silver Line machines consist of the main machine with extra equipment (preform feeding system, bottle receiving system with an initial part of slat conveyor) making up fully automatic line for PET cans production. As it is in the case of bottle machines, Silver Line can be equipped with innovative solutions offered by ECO Power Innovation System®.


NameEfficiencyNumber of SocketsMax Can Closure DiameterCan Volume
SilverLine 4.15000 cans/h480 mm0.25 – 1 l
SilverLine 8.210000 cans/h880 mm0.25 – 1 l