Robotics and Automation Systems

TES is a trusted partner in the field of automation of production and robotics. We produce tailored solutions for technological lines as well as individual machines and devices. The extensive experience of our engineers is a guarantee of success – even with the most complex projects.


The diverse offer of our company is based on proven solutions that ensure timely delivery of equipment. This is confirmed by the awards and international recognition received at numerous industry exhibitions and trade fairs. For many years, we have been supporting our clients in automation and robotization of production. We pride ourselves on individual approach in implementing automation and robotization. We like to remain flexible at every stage of cooperation in order to meet the needs of our clients.


Apart from production and installation of new industrial robots, we offer to modernize the existing machines and technological lines. Improve your smart factory with the support of our experts. We will assist you with selecting the best solution in order to improve the installed devices. With comprehensive technical consulting from TES, you will upgrade your production automation system in no time.


The applied process automation will significantly increase the efficiency of your smart factory. For example, an advanced gas leak testing devices have up to six universal positions. The machine carries out an automatic measurement for each gas meter by assigning its proper accuracy class. All information is automatically saved in the database after scanning the barcode. When it comes to robotics, look into our fast and precise CNC plotter, which achieves impressive performance without any downtime.


Each of our projects is distinguished by innovation and solid implementation. At TES we constantly strive to develop cutting edge technology for company automation. A perfect example is a device for automatic pairing of cans, which is used for their harmonious division and positioning on the production line. A similarly original solution is a device for handling ice tea cans, which consists of many components of the latest generation.


Impove your manufacturing automation with TES! The automated roller, plate or air conveyors are characterized by high durability. Made of compact and strong construction elements, they assure stability and security during product distribution and transpotration. Moving and handling heavy pallets becomes much easier.


A machine for crimping and producing double copper tubes is another example of the ingenuity of our engineers. This unusual solution improved the production of heat exchangers. Similar accuracy and compatibility was achieved in the coil manufacturing machine. Automation facilitates the process of controlling the bending angles and use of semi-finished products.
TES is a company ready to undertake further challenges in the field of automation and robotization of production. The aforementioned solutions are just some examples of our wide range of services.
Thanks to our know-how of robotics and automation of production, we are able to implement ambitious projects, customized to the needs of our clients.
For more detailed information and project estimation, please contact us via mail or give us a call.