Blow Molding Machines


The blow molding machines offered by TES use global achievements in mechanical and electronic engineering. It has been confirmed many times at the packaging industry exhibitions and fairs. We use the latest generation of solutions while producing blow molding machines for the production of PET preforms.

The best solution for PET bottles production on the market. Characterized by high 99% efficiency, automated control system, minimized maintenance time and quick change of forms.

Unique on a global scale, patented air recovery system puts the TES blow molding machines in the first place among producers of energy-saving PET bottle blowing solutions.


Blue Line, Eco Line and Silver Line series of blow molding machines

We offer blow molding machines for bottles from various series: Blue Line, Eco Line, Silver Line. All of the selected technologies are characterized by dependability and precision of design, and the attributes of each of them allow for optimization of working time and guarantee the quality of manufactured packaging matched to given implementations.

TES is also comprehensive service and consultancy in the design, production and supply of blow molds forms.

Blue Line Series

Blue Line machines are fully automatic. They can be equipped with a unique ECO Power Innovation System. The use of this technology enables the production of high-quality PET bottles - from 0.25 to 2.5 liters from semi-finished products in the form of preforms with the lowest electricity consumption in linear machines available on the market. Low energy consumption: 3.6 W for a 1 l bottle, low consumption of compressed air, low weight of the bottle while maintaining the required quality.

Also for those models, we offer a solution of preferential heating designed for oval and asymmetric bottles.

Silver Line Series

Silver Line machines are designed to produce PET cans with capacity ranging from 0.25 to 1 liter from semi-finished products as preform.

The two-stage blow method with simultaneous stretching ensures the required strength of the product. It is the only machine in the world where the cutting process is integrated with the shaping of the aluminum can lid.

The patented solution allows to produce PET cans fitted to a standard aluminum lid.

Eco Line series for producing PET bottles

The Eco Line series machines are designed to produce PET packaging. This economical solution is more and more desirable on the market due to many advantages such as simplicity of use, lower weight, favorable price and flexibility in the selection of shapes and colors. The relatively easy change of tooling enables a production with different thread diameters, which is an additional attribute of the devices in this series.


Other TES machines and services

TES consultants offer support in the implementation of blow molding projects. Our experts will explain what kind of PET packaging is the most functional. Many years of experience guarantees the selection of the best option consistent with the requirements and needs of our clients.