Multihead Weighers as the Key to Efficient Production

In the rapidly changing industrial world, production efficiency is of vital importance. Weighing and packing products is one of the crucial processes in many industries. Precise weighing is not only a matter of quality but also competitiveness in the market. Whether you specialize in producing confectionery, fresh produce, granulated items, dried goods, or sticky products, weighers should be an integral part of your production line. Learn more about these innovative devices and how they can streamline the production process in your facility.

Weighers are dedicated machines used in the industry for precise weighing of products and packing them in designated containers. They are incredibly versatile and are applicable across various sectors, including the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They allow for every product to be weighed with precision, down to grams or even milligrams, which is crucial in processes where even the slightest deviation from the established norm can have serious consequences.

Multihead weighers operate in a few stages:

  • Feeding: Raw materials or products are delivered to the weigher, typically using conveyor belts.
  • Weighing: The machine accurately weighs each product, using precise weighing systems such as sensors or scales.
  • Packaging: After weighing, products are packed into suitable containers, like: pouches, jars, bags, or other types of containers, depending on the product.
  • Labeling: If necessary, the weigher can also label the packages, providing product information, expiration dates, or barcodes.
  • Quality Control: Weighers are often equipped with quality control systems that detect products of incorrect weight or quality and remove them from the process.


Multihead weighers offer numerous advantages:

  • Precision: Weighers ensure precise weighing and discharge, even for very lightweight products. What’s more, you can mix up to 8 different ingredients!
  • Efficiency: The rapid operation of weighers speeds up the production process. By selecting the appropriate number of heads, you can achieve the desired capacity.
  • Versatility: These machines are flexible and suitable for various types of products, whether you’re handling bulk materials, liquids, or packaged articles.
  • Cost Savings: Automation reduces labor costs and minimizes the waste of raw material.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness: Thanks to production efficiency, you can offer competitive prices in the market.
  • Integrated Solutions: Weighers can be easily integrated with other packaging machines, resulting in a seamless production process.


With precision, efficiency and quality control being paramount, weighers prove indispensable machines in today’s industry. They enable companies to optimize their production processes, saving time and money while delivering high-quality products to customers. Regardless of the industry your company operates in, it’s worth considering the benefits of using multihead weighers and investing in advanced production automation systems, which will take your business to the next level.


At TES, we specialize in automation and robotization of production processes. We can integrate a weigher into your production line to ensure smooth operation of the entire system. Contact our sales department to learn more about the available options and find the best solution for your company.