What are the technologies implemented in TES blow molding machines?

  • Eco Power Air Recovery System – our blow molding machines for PET bottles production may be equipped with innovative system for recovering compressed air from blowing molds. This system is fitted with modern Eugen Seitz valves working with a set of tanks, valves and sensors, controlling the pressure of recovered air from the PET bottle blowing machine. The system was designed so as to deliver the recovered air to pneumatics control system without any pressure changes. This results in high repeatability of operations. The system allows for a significant reduction of electrical energy consumption as a consequence of smaller demand for compressed air.
  • Eco Power Blowing System – each of our blow moulding machine is taking advantage of newly integrated valves made by Swiss company Eugen Seitz. They regulate air flow to pre-blow process of plastic bottle in PET bottle blowing machine. This modern valve, together with special solution used to assure even air inlet to the mold along the stretch rod, provide the highest possible quality and flawless repetition of the PET bottles production in stretch blow molding machines.
  • Eco Power Diagnostic System – all of our PET bottle blowing machines are using an automated system to control of all of the processes inside the blow molding machinery for PET bottles. This can happen thanks to a set of sensors integrated with a specialized controller supervising all technological operations in a PET bottle blowing machine. In case of an unlikely event, like failure or shutdown of the blow molding machine, LCD control panel will display information about the cause of the problem. Thanks to this feature, the operator’s work and the potential maintenance of the linear blow machine has been made much easier.
  • Eco Power Heating System – every single plastic bottle blow molding machine by TES uses an innovative system of PET bottle preform heating. Lamps, controlled by a dedicated power regulators, emmit infrared radiation. This system enables a very precise and smooth adjustment of the preform heating temperature in blowmoulder. The temperature of preforms is measured by a set of pyrometers, which allow for automatic adjustment of infrared radiation power. As a result, the temperature of the preforms is stable regardless of changes in the ambient temperature. No action is required by the operator of the stretch blow moulding machine.
  • Eco Power Recuperation System – our blow molding machines for PET bottles production may be equipped with an innovative system of recuperation. It reuses hot air from the heating furnace for pre-heating of the preforms. This solution provides significant energy savings from heating preforms and it is only found in stretch blow molding machines manufactured by TES.
  • Eco Power Stretching System – all of our PET bottle blowing machines use innovative preform stretching system based on a servo motor with a planetary gear. This system ensures a repeatable preform stretching process. The quality of the bottles produced and process stability cannot be achieved with traditional stretching systems based on pneumatic servomotors. A unique advantage of this system is that there is no need to manually set the stretching bars when retooling for a different bottle type. The system automatically adjusts the length of extension to a predetermined blowing mold (without operator intervention). This system guarantees the highest quality of the produced PET bottles, which is impossible to obtain in linear blow machines with a pneumatic stretching system.