What are the main solutions provided by TES?

Robotic automation systems for technological sections of any process – whether you are looking for:

  • Depalletizing machines – they are usually at the first stage of a production process. Our machines can handle empty bottles depalletizing, jars depalletizing, cans depalletizing,
  • Palletizing machines – they are usually at the last stage of a production process. These palletizing robots will be appropriate for empty bottle palletizing, full containers palletizing, can palletizing
  • Blow molding machines to make PET containers from preforms (blow molds and PET bottle machine supply included).
  • Palletizing systems: meat and food products palletizing, battery palletizing, palletizing products from injection moulding machine, bags palletizing or carton boxes palletizing.
  • Pick and Place machines for transferring products packed in cardboard trays and carton boxes. They will also handle products in film wrap. The machines we manufacture, integrate Kawasaki robots, KUKA robots, ABB robots and Fanuk robots.
  • Other dedicated machines and devices for defined applications