About us


Tes Ltd was established in 1987 as a typically engineer company, which since the beginning aimed in the highest quality tasks providing the recent technology devices in packaging industry:

  • robotic automation systems of technological sections of any processes
  • dedicated machines and devices with defined application
  • blow molding machines to make PET containers from preform

All solutions use international achievements of electronic and mechanic engineering.
TES Company has won many awards and honors, TOP SELECTION 2000 for the best product in machines category on International Packaging and Machines Exhibition "EMBALLAGE" in Paris in 2000 in particular.



Several people, constantly growing our crew of highly skilled engineers, mechanics and automaticians with practical experience allow fully professionally to solve engineering problems and tasks.

Highly skilled fitters and servicemen have worked in our assembly department for several years. Thus it contributes to high assembly precision and reliability of produced equipment.



In the 21st century all actions are supported by computers. TES Company uses the dedicated hardware and software.

3D modeling is made in SolidWorks software by DassaultSystemes company. It contains many interesting tools one of which is SolidWorksSimulation, which is used to perform MES analysis.

Systems and wiring diagrams are designed in the E-plan and control programs in C language in Automation Studio program.
Our computers are workstations with the highest performance, constructed on dedicated components such as HP Quadro graphics cards or Intel Xeon processors.

Such program and hardware configurations minimize extra time consumption and exclude designing errors as well as allow to handle large projects.


Current Affairs

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