Tes Company began its work in 1987. Since that time it has specialized in manufacture of high quality blowing machines designed to produce of preform PET containers. Full automatic TES Company blow molding machines provide challenges to the efficiency meeting our clients’ requirements and needs.

Mechanic and electronic sub-assemblies are the highest rank products of world leaders ( see Our Partners ). Tes Company blowing machines are highly reliable and our PET containers are the highest quality products.

Due to the final product, TES Company blow molding machines can be categorized as follows:

Beside machines, TES company also offers:

All blow molding machines can be equipped with ECO Power Innovation System®, which includes:

  • – technological process automatic control and diagnostic system 
  • – heating preform innovation system
  • – is the system designed to recover waste heat from hot flue exhausts for preforms heating
  • – modern system of preform stretching based on servomotor
  • – reliable blowing system based on the best blowing valves
  • – innovative setting recovering the air from blowing