Blow molds


TES STM Group is a producer of molds for blow molding machines. We manufacture molds for both linear and rotary machines of most European producers such as Krones, KHS, Sidel, Sipa.

The advanced machine park makes us the most modern tool shop for blow molds in Poland. We create molds for the food industry, chemistry and cosmetics, automotive, producers of empty packaging. Many years of experience and tens of thousands of blow molding sockets produced make us an ideal partner for clients who appreciate the quality and reliability, as well as the swiftness of order processing.

Our portfolio:

  • blow molds for linear machines of 10 ml and up to 10 litres
  • blow molds for rotary machines of leading European producers: Krones, KHS, Sidel, Sipa
  • blow molds with a movable deep grip piston for packaging with a handle
  • molds of large capacity — 5 to 10 litres
  • specialist molds — from 10 to 100 ml
  • molds for Hot Fill with electric and oil heating
  • flat and oval molds

1. Based on the client’s idea and expectations, we create preliminary 3D projects and drawings.

2. Once the vision is accepted, we move on to structural calculations,

strength model and the final version of the prototype.

3. We produce test sockets and make pilot bottles.

4. Once the prototypes are accepted, we move on to making the finished molds.

5. We send the molds to clients and help them with the assembly and production of new packaging.